Toby Hoskins

Toby is a founding Partner of PSFI. His insights are the result of working in professional services for over 30 years in diverse roles in practice, in business development and HR. His clients value his diagnostic skills, his ability to spot patterns and provide practical solutions. His specific interests include,

  • professional services firm strategy;

  • enhancing leadership;

  • talent development; and

  • how partners and firms win work.

Toby has spent almost his entire career within the professional services market. He started as a salesman, became a Chartered Accountant, was then as a financial trainer, before moving into management education. Now focusing on leadership, his insight is the result of a deep understanding of how the professional services market is changing and the effects on those operating within it.

Toby has designed and implemented large scale change orientated leadership programmes, and has a lot of experience in business development, strategy workshops, development centres and experiential activities.  He has worked with over 40 different professional services firms in many global jurisdictions.

Experience and credentials

  • Developing and implementing a new strategy at a law firm

  • Leadership development programme for all partners at consulting business

  • Key note speaker on legal market developments, talent managemnt and business development at legal partnership annual conferences

  • Preparing associates for partnership and other transitions at legal, consulting and accounting firms

  • Key account and sector development at a law firm

  • Leadership programmes for business services at law, accounting and engineering firms

  • Developing partners to win more work at a number of professional services firms

  • Facilitating partner offsites/retreats covering strategy, talent managemnt, business development, implemtation and change

  • Practice management for senior partners at accounting firm

  • Performance management and partner development at a private equity business


  • Chartered Accountant

  • Qualified coach – accredited in OPQ, LIFO, TRACOM

  • Founding partner of Moller Professional Services Group at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge 2009-2017

  • Affiliate of the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter 2009-2014

  • Prior to focussing on the PSF market Toby worked with many leading organizations including BP, BA, Aviva, retail and investment banks, FTSE 100 industrials, Cisco Systems, and Euromoney.

+44 (0) 7999 823318