In our series called Spotlight, we are shining a light on the people that make up PSFI. We know PSFI’s people are in a league of their own, unmatched in terms of their expertise and experience. They discern and get to the heart of the issues quickly and achieve transformational change for our clients and we’d like to introduce them to you!

Spotlight on Iain Maclean

At PSFI we work with an incredible community of highly talented, handpicked practitioners and academics. We connect clients with this carefully curated community to get clients the right advice when they need it.

We are investing in this network, expanding it with carefully chosen, like-minded people to bring more value to our clients and are delighted to announce that Iain Maclean has joined as a Principal Consultant.

Iain is highly skilled development trainer, business coach, consultant and facilitator with more than 20 years’ experience of training law firm leaders on how to improve the efficiency, value and profitability of their business activities and sales proposals

He specialises in working with professional services firms who want to develop their highly able “technical specialists” into more commercially aware business professionals. Iain helps them build a longer-term, more client-centric culture by delivering training designed to develop more profitable relationship-based sales skills and proposal processes.

At PSFI, we are trusted by the leaders of leading firms with their most challenging of problems across legal, accounting, consulting, built environment and financial sectors. In his 20 years as a consultant, Iain has worked primarily with leaders of law firms but has also trained leaders of accounting and auditing firms, banks, corporate financiers, engineers, government departments, IT companies, insurance providers, manufacturing firm, management consultancies, technology firms and telecoms and utility providers.

We understand that professional services firms are all different and we take an expertly nuanced view, tailoring work to fit, to deliver services that make a difference. Iain designs and delivers a broad range of organisational leadership, business management and personal development skills training.  Each development intervention is tailored to the needs of the client and aligned to its strategy and business plans.

Coaching is also a key part of Iain’s work and he has worked with law firm partners and senior fee earners on a variety of coaching development programmes, either on a one-to-one basis, or in small group sessions.  These have included preparation for partnership; new partner induction programmes; business strategy; proposing for new business; developing effective client care; negotiating for profit enhancement and managing people in teams.

Previously Iain was with EY in their London office for seven years. He initially worked in the consulting practice, and then as head of the UK firm’s client training service and latterly as head of management training for EY’s clients.

We look forward to introducing you to Iain soon.

To speak to Iain or chat to us about Leadership or Coaching programmes, please get in touch at

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