Henry Marsden

Henry is a founding Partner of PSFI and has worked closely with legal, accounting, consulting and banking clients on learning and development initiatives that seek to improve their performance in challenging markets.  His main areas of focus include leadership of peers, business development for professionals and coaching.

Henry is an active contributor to research projects that build the evidence base that informs the work he does with clients. These have included topics such as “leadership in challenging times”, “what great client teams do”, “what clients want” and “becoming a trusted advisor”. He has written over 50 case studies and vignettes for clients to help them to explore the challenges they are facing.

Experience and credentials

Henry leads and delivers one to one and programmatic events to international clients and undertaking research commissions.  He has been working with professional firms for twenty years and has worked closely with their leaders to support them in delivering significant results for themselves and their firms. He has worked for large multi-disciplinary, multi-location and multinational firms as well as small partnerships undergoing significant change around the globe.

Prior to forming PSFI, Henry trained as a psychologist and has a PhD from Cardiff University in Confirmation bias and hypothesis testing. He continues to work as a business psychologist bringing to bear the benefits of this field to the work he undertakes with clients through the use of psychometrics and survey instruments that he has developed with his partners.


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  • What great client teams do  (2016) Research report by Henry Marsden & Sam Humphrey
  • Partner development (2016, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009) research report biannual benchmarking survey for the Legal Education & Training Group
  • Regional leadership: Theresa’s story (2015) Case study by Vicki Kelley & Henry Marsden MPSFG 15-500-001
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  • Law Firm Partner Sabbaticals (2015) Research article MPSFG 15-300-001
  • Boards in Challenging Times: The Chief Executive’s Perspective (2013) research report for Alvarez & Marsal by Henry Marsden & Derek Klyhn 
  • What makes and exceptional Chairman? Required Qualities for Challenging Times (2012) research report for Alvarez & Marsal by Henry Marsden & Derek Klyhn 
  • Lions of the Boardroom (2012) The Sunday Times 22 January 2012

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